Trifocal IOLs

It's now possible to get rid of your glasses after a cataract surgery

Cataract surgery involves replacing the cloudy natural lens with a clear, intraocular lens or IOL. These IOLs allow to see clearly at near or distance but not both.    


This is because conventional IOLs only have a single focus. New multifocal Diffractive IOLs have tiny steps in the lens. The steps optimise the transition in vision from distance, intermediate and near vision.     


The procedure to insert the multifocal IOL is the same as conventional cataract surgery where the artificial lens replaces the natural    cloudy crystalline lens.

Under normal lighting conditions, the central rings allow a continuous focus over multiple distances. During low light conditions, the outermost zone further optimises vision for distance vision. The optical design of modern multifocal IOLs also helps reduce haloes that are often present prior to cataract surgery.   

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