Custom LASIK

Custom LASIK can provide better quality of vision in selected eyes

Just as every individual has a unique appearance, every eye has its own unique optical prescription. 


However, when optical prescriptions are measured conventionally, people with the same optical prescription are prescribed the same glasses and contact lenses.  

This is because glasses, contact lenses and conventional refractive surgery only correct myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. 


There are many other components of the prescription, known as high order aberrations, that make the vision unique. 


These components account for haloes, starbusts and glare. Using a device called an Aberrometer, it'now possible to measure these subtle components of vision that are not normally corrected.


These results are sent to an advanced laser and computer system that tracks eye movements in order to perform a customized treatment and to correct both low order and high order aberrations. Custom treatments are not indicated or needed in all cases. Hyperopia and astigmatism are usually better corrected with custom / personalized treatments. 

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