Femto-Cataract Surgery

In traditional cataract surgery the creation of a circular opening in the membrane covering the lens is performed manually.  

This 'opening' should ideally be round and central.  


Using the femtosecond laser, the tear in the membrane is always circular and  positioned in the centre of the lens to ensure optimised centration of the artificial lens.

The cloudy cataract then needs to be fragmented by ultrasound and removed. In some patients undergoing  conventional cataract surgery and presenting an advanced cataract, the use of excessive ultrasound can damage some of the structures in the eye. 


With laser cataract surgery, the lens is broken up into tiny pieces with the femto laser. This process does not cause damage to any of the eye's structures and decrease the amount of ultrasound needed to remove the cataracted lens.


The final step of cataract surgery is the same for conventional and laser cataract surgery where the artificial lens is implanted into the eye.   

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