Cataract Surgery

Around 20 million cataract procedures are performed annually worldwide

Cataracts cause clouding and light scatter in the crystalline lens. Surgery involves replacing the cloudy lens with a clear artificial lens. 


Cataract surgery is very safe; over 95% of people have an improvement in vision. Most surgery is performed with a local anaesthetic using drops. Throughout surgery the eye is in its natural place.   


Surgery begins with a small incision to the front of the eye. A thin membrane on the front of the crystalline lens is carefully removed. The process of making a continuous circular opening is called a Capsulorrhexis.  


A special tool is used to break-up the cloudy cataract and remove it from the eye. All tiny fragments of the cataract are carefully removed, then an artificial lens is implanted in the eye and well centred. Stitches are not required during the majority of procedures as incisions are 'self sealing'.  

Intra-Ocular Lenses (IOLs)

A clear Intra Ocular Lens (IOL = artificial lens)) replaces the cloudy natural lens. Conventional monofocal IOLs allow the patient to see clearly at near or distance but not both.    


This is because conventional IOLs only have a single focus. New diffractive IOLs have unique focussing zones for distance, intermediate and near vision. 


The procedure to insert the multifocal IOL is the same as conventional cataract surgery where the artificial lens replaces the natural cloudy crystalline lens. The diffractive multifocal lens (trifocal lens) provides simultaneous vision for distance, intermediate and near.  


Even during low light conditions, the design of lens ensures light is optimally focussed for most visual tasks with minimal adverse events such as halos and glares. Trifocal IOLS are a very good option for patients willing to get rid of their glasses following a cataract surgery.

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